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This class studies basic noncooperative game theory. The major topics covered are decision theory, strategic form games, extensive form games, Bayesian games, mechanism design, infinite horizon games and repeated games. Relevant experimental results will be discussed, and as part of the class you will participate in several laboratory experiments.

Grades are based on two midterms and a final exam. As practice for the exams, there are 3-5 problem sets. This are optional, not turned in for credit, and the answers are reviewed in section. The "due dates" are your guide to when they problem sets are likely to be reviewed in section. Each midterm counts 25% and the final exam 50% of your grade.

The basic text for the course is Game Theory by Fudenberg and Tirole. You may also find Myerson's Game Theory text a useful reference. The actual course readings are detailed in the course outline.

For PTE's please see Lora Clarke.