The Skeptical Economist

A course in intermediate economics and numeracy


Textbook: Patrick M. Emerson, Intermediate Microeconomics
Available online:

Supplementary Text: Theodore L. Turocy and Bernhard von Stengel, Game Theory
Available online:

Probability Theory: David Diez, Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel and Christopher D Barr, Openintro Statisics
Available online:

Recommended Reading: David K. Levine, Is Behavioral Economics Doomed?
Available online: 


1. The Skeptical Economist

2. Dominance

3. Nash Equilibrium

4. Dynamic Games

5. Time, Investment and Repeated Games

6. Probability Theory and Investment (Emerson Chapter 23, Kunin Chapters 2,5, Diez, Cetinkaya-Rundel and Barr Chapter 3)

7. Expected Utility and Risk Aversion (Emerson Chapter 23)

8. Bayes Theorem, Dynamic Programming and the Value of Information (Diez, Cetinkaya-Rundel and Barr Chapter 3)

9. Mixed Strategy Equilibrium (Turocy and von Stengel Chapter 5)

10. Common Sense, Cost Benefit Analysis, Numeracy and Climate Change