Game Theory and Behavioral Economics

David K. Levine

This is a course covering basic graduate level game theory with an emphasis on behavioral issues and applications. There are five lectures; the slides for each lecture are linked below. There are also supplementary or optional reading for each. You can click on the readings link to see links to the readings - whenever possible you can access the readings directly from the internet.

To receive credit for the course you must do the take home final exam, linked at the bottom. Your answers should be submitted electronically as a pdf file by email to The exam is due at midnight the last day of class Friday December 10. This will be assigned a letter grade, which will be your grade for the course.

Class meetings are:
Monday December 6th: 12pm - 2pm
Tuesday December 7th: 10am - 1pm
Wednesday December 8th: 10am - 1pm
Thursday December 9th: 10am - 1pm
Friday December 10th: 10am - 1pm

All classes meet in the VIP room of Odyssea building at CDM.
1 Introduction: Is Behavioral Economics Doomed? readings 1 readings 2
2 Static Games readings
3 Dynamic Games readings
4 Repeated Games readings
5 The Dual Self Model readings
Take Home Exam: due midnight December 10 as a pdf file